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  • Jeffrey Garcia-Martinez

    Hands down the best law firm in Los Angeles! Elijah, Perla, and Melisa were a pleasure to work with. They were attentive, diligent, and demonstrated immense care and concern for all my medical needs and my case. I was originally found liable for my accident but after close review and many appeals with my insurance, they were able to submit my evidence and prove my innocence.

  • Billy Rainbow

    These people are awesome! Everyone I've worked with has been knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic - and clearly capable of getting the job done! Results have been as timely as our "complex" legal system allows, and when the results come in, they leave me as content as one can hope to be considering how banged-up I got in the accident.

  • Gloria Ann

    This firm genuinely cares and wanted the best outcome for my son and I. We were attacked by a dog, my son getting the worst of it. They sent us to Doctors and Plastic Surgeons. They never gave up trying to achieve the best outcome for my son! The team that represented us were awesome and very compassionate!

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  • What if I don’t have money to hire a lawyer?

    This is generally not an issue for our clients. Your consultation is 100% free and you do not owe us any money unless and until there is a recovery. You will not have to pay an hourly fee or a flat fee and we will never come to you and ask for a check or retainer. You do not have to pay for every phone call that you have with the attorneys, and we are not billing you for our time. Our only source of compensation is our contingency fee based on your recovery, and only if there is a recovery..

  • What is my case worth?

    This is an extremely complicated question that is reliant on a multitude of factors that go into the calculus to determine the value of a personal injury case. Some of those factors include but are not limited to:

    • When did the accident occur?
    • How did the accident happen?
    • Who are the at-fault parties?
    • How bad are the injuries?
    • How much insurance is involved? 

    In addition, the types of insurance companies that are representing the parties, as well as a multitude of other factors that go into consideration. It is a complex analysis that will best be determined after a thorough analysis of your case with one of our attorneys. Regardless of your case worth, a consultation with one of our specialists is 100% free.

  • What if I don’t speak English?

    It is not an issue if you don’t speak English. We have access to translators in every language possible to assist you in your case. That means being on the phone to translate all conversations or physically available to you for your medical appointments, depositions, or any hearings, if necessary. We will front the costs for those services. 

    Some languages that we have served already in our offices, include Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Hebrew, Portuguese, French, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. 

    To get started, schedule some time with one of our specialists and mention your native language so they can bring in the appropriate translation resource.

  • How do I get started?

    If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, we’re here to help. Simply request your free consultation and one of our expert attorneys will get in touch with you in minutes to go over your options and next steps